How Water Fed Pole Cleaning Works

Purified Water

In the south of the UK our tap water is very hard, which means its full of sediments and minerals. It’s these impurities that cause streaking or spotting, just like if you spray your windows with the garden hose and leave it to dry. This is the reason we need to purify the water. We purify the water by firstly passing it through a booster pump, this increases the pressure from 2 bar upto 5.5 bar, it then enters a reverse osmosis system which has a series of filters and membranes. The water is then stored at our base in a 1000L storage tank. This water is now reading around 10 Total dissolved solids or TDS, it leaves our taps around 300 TDS. We then transfer this water into the back of our vans and this water is pumped through a DI Vessel, this polishes off the water so when it hits your windows it reads 0 TDS

Telescopic Water Fed Poles

Water fed pole window cleaning uses lightweight telescopic poles usually made from carbon fibre with different cleaning brushes for different jobs. This method of cleaning allows us to easily reach windows on ground level and all the way up to 60 feet. The pure water is then pumped from the vans and up the pole, this allows us to scrub away any dirt. We then rinse in a waterfall fashion and because the water used is pure water the windows will dry naturally and crystal clear.

The benefits

The reason Water Fed Pole Cleaning has become a popular method for both commercial and domestic window cleaners is mainly safety, both for customers and window cleaners themselves. With the water fed pole system the need for ladders is removed, this drastically reducing the risk of injury and damage to the customers property. Pure water is completely harmless to your property, garden and the environment – unlike traditional methods which use detergents and chemicals.

Water Fed Pole Cleaning allows us to access windows that were previously inaccessible by ladder, for example Velux windows and roof lights.

The beauty of the Water Fed Pole system is that it doesn’t limit window cleaners to just cleaning windows. It can be used to clean almost anything from gutters, fascias, soffits, conservatory roofs and solar panels to shop signs and cladding.