Window Cleaners in Southbourne

Window Cleaning in Southbourne

If your looking for a Window Cleaner in Southbourne you've come to the right place!

Havant Window Cleaning is a small, local business that provides superior cleaning results. Offering our services to both residential and commercial customers, at affordable, competitive prices!

At Havant Window Cleaning we strive on providing the best service, offering not only window cleaning but also gutter clearances, UPVC cleans and conservatory cleans for all of Waterlooville and surrounding areas.

As well as offering the traditional window cleaning method with ladder and squeegee, we are also fully trained to use the "Reach and Wash System” (Useful link from ionics systems) other wise known as Pure water fed pole system. Not only does this leave the customers windows cleaned to the highest standards but we can also get to those "hard to reach" windows you thought couldn't be cleaned, in some cases upto 60ft high!

Our water in Havant is very high in limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, also known as hard water.

The Pure water fed Pole system we use is the latest technology when it comes to window cleaning. Water is passed through a Reverse Osmosis system with 5 stage filtration at an increased pressure so nearly all impurities are removed, the last stage is the water passes through a pressurised DI vessel bringing the water down to 0 TDS preventing any residue or streaks from being left on your windows and therefore leaves your windows cleaner for longer. For more information see our "How Water Fed Pole Cleaning Works" page.

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